My Sister Holly Ann Moorhead

12/25/1977 – 2/13/2017

I thought I would share what I wrote and spoke at my sister Holly’s Celebration of life. I miss her everyday, but my hope is to honor, celebrate and to remember her everyday.
I want to welcome Family, Friends and all of Holly’s Kindred Spirits and thank you for coming to Celebrate her life.
Holly was a daughter, a friend, a big sister to Jenni and a little sister to me. She was my first sister, She was my friend but not only a friend but my first best friend. We were 2 peas in a pod. We shared many years together and many apart. Although we were very different we have a few things in common and that would always bring us back together, back to our tight sister bond. A few of those things were watching movies with our dad, especially scary movies she LOVED scary movies.
We used to collect stickers when we were little. We even belong to a sticker club. One of the things you would do with all of these stickers was trade them. So one day Holly decided to trade with our neighbor Holly faucet but she used all my stickers instead of hers.
But the #1 thing that always brought us together was our mom. When mom and her were at ends or Holly was frustrated she would text Jenni and I. She also also used to say when mom was getting a little crazy or not taking care of herself “Don’t make me call Kellie” Her threats usually worked, She only had to call a couple times.
When trying to recall memories I realized that Holly and I shared many more than I thought. Not only when we were little like when she yelled “FIRE” out side the window of our Ben Lomond House and the fire department showed up. When she did a back flip in the living Room and kicked a hole in wall. Then we covered it up with these HUGE pillows that we had in the room. Eventually (like the same day) they found the hole.
First of all Holly would chase me around the house with a big knife…..But this was after I’m sure I did something horrible to her.
We used to run down the hall way to see who could be the first to get to the heater vent. Because who ever got there first had the best spot to keep warm.
Holly let me live with her and Daniel in Georgia for a few months. She was such a Fabulous Auntie Ha Ha.
We had trips to Fort Bragg and Tahoe with our friends and Boyfriends. When Holly started becoming a vegetarian Salami was the LAST thing that she gave up. AND that took her at least a year. Which is so funny considering what Salami is made of.
Holly had the biggest heart. SHE loved her baby sister Jenni. SHE LOVED her little nephews Ethan and Owen. They are what kept her going every day. You could truly see holly’s version of the world in her beautiful eyes. She saw peace in everything. She saw LOVE in everyone no matter what a person may have done. She did not Judge at all. She was passionate and Compassionate. Her energy was contagious and felt by everyone, and everywhere she went. She truly was one with the Earth and Nature always a light shining on everything.
Holly’s TRUE HEART (which was the name of her business she was trying to get started) will truly be carried on. I will honor Holly and continue to share her love with everyone around me.