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Oct 17

Today was a big step forward

Today was such a big step for me. We have lived here in Rincon, GA for just over 2 years now. I have only met a couple ladies so far and I only seem to see them not very often. To be honest I have not embraced this move at all. My heart and soul still lives in California. (not so secretively) I really just want to go back. I would in a heart beat.

But today I stepped out of my box. I branched out and participated in a local business group.  The Effingham Women in Business. I went their October meet up, where they had Chicken Salad Chic cater and we socialized. Each lady (about 20) went around and told about their business and a little about themselves. Then we had a speaker who spoke about branding. What I took from it in a gist was be yourself, know your target customer and repeat repeat repeat. Sell what ever it is with your heart your soul and with a purpose. People love to buy from others with a story, with meaning. So get yours out there.

I am very excited to make this next step and to see where it might just lead me. I am embracing my current path (how ever long it may be) and following my heart.

I hope that Holly is looking down on me and is a little proud of what I am trying to do. I miss her so much.

Today  I feel truly blessed

Miss Kellie


Feb 10

Happy Saturday

It’s a beautiful day here in Georgia. A little muggy but nice just the same. I ventured out today and did some grocery shopping for the week. W and I stopped at the local Parkers to grab me a big glass of Un-sweet Tea!! Yep you read that right. I live in the south and I DO NOT drink sweet tea. {I think the heavens are going to strike me down as I am writing this post.}
But as I was getting my chewy Ice for my big cup of un-sweet tea, I stopped and glanced over my right shoulder. I am not sure why but something was calling my name. I walked over to the freezer section…… AND there it was BAGS of Chewy Ice to take home!! I think I have won the lottery. Chewy Ice is AMAZING and I can have it any time I want in my own home…… You’all are soooo J.E.L.L.O.

I pick up my 10.lb bag of chewy Ice and headed home. I couldn’t even finish my grocery shopping because I did not want my precious chewy ice to melt away. So I guess I will be headin out tomorrow to finish up.

Have a Blessed Day ya’ll

Miss Kellie